Creepy Creatures is a wrapping yarn and pipe cleaner project book. Make over 30 projects with an alien theme including: Stickie the Alien, Snork the Dragon, Squidge the Dust Creature, Spiffy Spiders & Phlump and more. This new technique uses finger & cardboard wrapping using scissors, needle & thread with fully illustrated easy to follow instructions.

ISBN-10: 1861084196 ISBN-13 : 9781861084194, Pages : 156, Dimensions : 210 x 210mm, Photographs : 200 photographs, Binding : PB with flaps








Create Fairies & Creatures with yarn, pompom discs & pipe- cleaners.

Over 30 projects fully illustrated with easy to follow instructions, drawings and photographs.









Wrapping with yarn and pipe cleaners - make over 30 projects with a natural theme including Fairies & Friends, Homes & Hide Aways. Learn finger & cardboard wrapping, using scissors and needle & thread fully illustrated with easy to follow instructions.


ISBN-10 : 1-86108-177-4, ISBN-13 : 9781861081773, Pages : 160, Dimensions : 248 x 186mm, Photographs : 150 photographs, Binding : PB





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These books make use of recycled materials, you create a world of delightful characters including fairies, creatures & aliens